The right time

The right time

As the cost of energy continues to climb, hybrid and all-electric vehicles (EVs) offer substantial benefits and VAXOTM Systems has the engineering know-how and drivetrain solutions to help you go green quickly.

VAXO is optimized for both series hybrids and EVs. In an EV, the battery is the fuel tank that provides all of the energy used to drive the wheels. The "tank" can be refilled by plugging into an electrical power source using an onboard or external charger.

If an onboard generator or range extender is added, the vehicle becomes a series hybrid and has the full use of the batteries but also the backup energy from the range extender. Depending on how the components are sized, it may be practical to plug in the vehicle to recharge the batteries at the end of a short trip and the range extender may never be used. If the trip is longer and the batteries cannot carry enough energy for the entire trip, the range extender may turn on to provide power for the electric drive motor and then use any excess energy to recharge the batteries.

VAXO technology has been performing reliably on the roads in over 20,000 vehicles, making now the right time to move to hybrid or all-electric vehicles for a quieter, low- or no-emission ride that reduces reliance on fossil fuels.

As the media reports nearly every day, the first element in our equation for success is being advanced around the globe: the time is right for going green. The time is right for VAXO.

success = the right time + the right components + the right people