The right people

The right people

Having all the right components at the right time is only part of the equation to give you exactly the custom drivetrain you need. Equally important are the right people with the right skills and experience. VAXOTM Systems, headquartered in Phoenix, is led by Jake Shaffer.

Jake Shaffer, Managing Director

With a pedigree that includes high-level roles at York International (a Johnson Controls company), Honeywell, and EaglePicher Horizon Batteries, Jake has the right combination of engineering expertise and management experience to be VAXO's Managing Director. Jake is the driving force behind VAXO's knowledge of the electric power market and the company's commitment to quality, speed and customer service.

Prior to joining VAXO, Jake was the engineering director for a start-up company developing products for on- and off-grid power systems for Native American housing, mobile power systems for marine and RV applications, high-power engine-starting applications, charging and battery management systems for electric vehicle applications and data harvesting for battery-powered systems. He has extensive project management, product deployment and engineering management experience in both consumer and commercial settings. Jake has six patents to his credit and is a published technical author.

Growing up on a farm, Jake demonstrated an early interest in fixing anything that broke, from the family car to tractors and other farm equipment. A devoted "gearhead," Jake has degrees in both electrical engineering and mechanical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA. When he's not fixing something or customizing VAXO drivetrain systems, he may be found camping or indulging his passions for woodworking and construction as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

With the right people, the VAXO success formula is complete:

success = the right time + the right components + the right people

But the formula we've followed isn't just the equation for our own success. It's also the formula for your success, when you choose VAXO Systems for your custom hybrid drivetrain. Contact us when you're ready to do the math.