The right components

The right components

VAXOTM Systems provides drivetrains for the manufacture or conversion of autos, light trucks and marine vehicles to straight electric or series hybrid power so businesses and consumers can enjoy the associated environmental, economic, mileage and tax benefits. By integrating existing advanced, tested components into a reliable drivetrain and supporting the process with experienced engineering and proprietary simulation modeling, VAXO can offer speedy solutions for going green. In the fast-moving hybrid and electric market, the need for quick, scalable production with reliable, proven technology can make VAXO a highly-valued partner for you, whether you're an emerging or existing OEM or a conversion shop.

The VAXO drivetrain features a motor from Remy International, an established technology leader with over 40,000 of these motors on the road. As an added benefit for our customers, VAXO provides application engineering support to Remy, which allows us to channel our experience – and your voice – back to Remy for continuous improvement of the motor.

By standardizing on the Remy motor as the core of our drivetrain system, we also take advantage of the standardization Remy brings to its motor. Focusing on production of one common, reliable, well-designed component, Remy can design, build, test, and manufacture hybrid motors more economically by spreading development and manufacturing costs across a family of related architectures and platforms. To get the highest performance, the inverter is tuned to the Remy motor and then VAXO integrates the gearbox, housing and controls, using modeling based on your custom requirements. The use of pre-engineered, standardized hybrid motors simplifies the design process for vehicle manufacturers and converters, reduces upfront costs and allows us to give you production-ready, advanced technology in a custom drivetrain.

VAXO has the right components to meet and exceed market requirements for custom hybrid drivetrains. So the second element in our equation for success falls into place.

success = the right time + the right components + the right people